What this blog is about.

If you love picture books, you are in the right place!

This blog is all about picture books. My journey as I work toward publishing, tips on organizing, sharing, and enjoying picture books, as well as several themed booklists.

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Who I am.

My name is Jamie Bills. In the summer of 2010, I was pregnant and living in Norman, Oklahoma. I had an active two-year-old and a husband in grad school. We had little money, but I had to get out of the house. The public library was air-conditioned and free. I began a quest to read every picture book in the library with my daughter. We would read some books at the library, then check 30 out at a time. By the time my husband graduated we had read 1,215 books.

That was the beginning.

Since that time, I have read thousands and thousands of picture books while adding two daughters, a dog and three states to my life story. The library, bookshops and used-book stores are the first places I locate when we move.

We now live in Michigan. I volunteer at the local library, so that I can be surrounded by books. I also write my own picture books I hope to publish one day.

In the meantime-

I want to share this passion with you.

Picture books are small but powerful. They can transport, evoke emotion or change perspective with minimal words. Nothing beats a snuggle with a little one and a good picture book.