World UFO Day is celebrated by some on June 24th and by others on July 2nd. Usually, the celebrations include group sky-watching parties.

I suggest grabbing tinfoil hats, a flashlight & some alien picture books to read while you watch for UFOs. This would make a fun evening with your kid(s) any night of the year.

Alien Picture Book Recommendations

Here are my top Alien Children’s Book recommendations for you (pictures link to Amazon, downloadable PDF Library List below)-

Your Alien is a story, in the second person point of view, about what it would be like if you had your very own alien. The little boy and the alien develop a strong friendship. The boy takes the alien everywhere until the alien starts to long for his own family. This is a story of friendship, the love of family, and empathy.

Don’t Go There by Jeanne Willis. This story is one of the most fun potty-time books I have ever read. An alien does not know where to go potty on Earth. A little girl works on teaching him, she even has a catchy “Toilet Song.” I definitely would have sung the song to my girls when they were potty-training if I had known it at the time. If you have a kid around potty-training age, I would recommend checking this book out.

Wazdot? by Michael Slack. Super cute alien book, specifically for younger kids. The little alien is on a farm. He uses his little remote to find out what things are. Before objects are uncovered your little ones can take a guess. The book includes fun alien language sounds. Cute and engaging.

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers (author of The Day the Crayons Quit) One little boy is flying an airplane. One little martian is flying a spaceship. They both end up on the moon. A friendship is built, despite their obvious differences. They work to help each other return home. This book made me want to be a kid again.

Life on Mars by Jon Agee. LOVED it. A young astronaut sets out to discover if there is life on Mars. He takes a box of cupcakes with him (because why not). An alien appears but the astronaut does not notice. The alien is following him around while he searches. Readers are in on a “secret” that the main character has not discovered. Will the astronaut find any life on Mars?

Even Aliens Need Snacks by Matthew McElligott- Do you have a kid who likes to make up their own food “recipes”? That is precisely what this main character specializes in. He can’t seem to find anyone on Earth who likes his food, but the aliens love it! What a fun book!

Your Alien Returns by Tammi Sauer- The adorable alien from Your Alien is BACK! Yay! This is a high-quality sequel, where the boy now gets a chance to visit the alien’s home. So cute!

Earth to Clunk by Pam Smallcomb- If you are not a fan of the cutsey-lovey picture books, (or you just want a break from them) this is the book for you. In this story, the main character begrudgingly has an alien pen pal. Let’s just say their choice of pen-pal packages are very unique. This is a funny book. I would recommend it for children ages 5-8. Check it out!

Mars Needs Moms by Berkeley Breathed- You have probably already read this book or watched the movie, but I just couldn’t resist putting it on the list. It contains such a true message of what mothers will do for their children. Beautiful book.

Downloadable Alien Picture Book Library List

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