This homemade booklet is FULL of common animals young children can usually identify (the animal and its sound). It is easy to put together and it is a FAVORITE during storytime.

Select what animals you would like to include.

I will let you know what I chose and you can edit the list as you see fit.

Cat, Bear, Rooster, Chicken, Lion, Bumble Bee (I know it is an insect, but kids love to say “Bzzzzz”), Cow, Bird, Tiger, Wolf, Duck, Dinosaur, Sheep, Fish (glub, glub or a fishy-face is fun), Seal, Monster (a silly one…we have it say “rawr”), Elephant, Pig, Dog, Turkey, Horse, Lizard (another silly one…we stick our tongues in-and-out fast), Monkey, Frog, Mouse, Donkey, Snake, and Owl.

Find Animal Pictures and Decide on Size

I used clip-art from Microsoft Word and printed them from my computer. If computer printing is not an option, you could get creative here by cutting pictures out of coloring books or drawing your own.

My booklet pages are one-half of a standard page. I cut the pages in half and used a glue stick to put the pictures back-to-back. If you would like all images to face the same direction as you turn the pages, you will need to paste one of the two images upside down when you stick them together.

Laminate the animal pictures

This is optional but highly, highly recommended. Ensure the pictures are all pasted back-to-back before you put them through the laminator. If you choose to go with the 1/2 page size, you should be able to fit two in a standard lamination pocket.

Choose the Order of Animals and assemble

There is not much to choose the order, just make sure all of the animals that say “rawr” are not together. That is the most prevalent sound in the book.

I chose to assemble by using a hole punch and small metal rings. If you have a book-binding machine, that would also be a great option.


I can’t think of anything cuter than the face of a toddler who has just correctly identified an animal and its sound. They are so proud and happy. This booklet has been enjoyed countless times by my girls and other children. It was definitely worth the time I spent putting it together. I imagine it would be the same for you.

Jamie Bills

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