Storytime works best if you interject songs between the books. Songs that keep the children engaged. I have had really positive results from handing out little “song buddies” during one or two of the songs. These “buddies” give the kids something to hold and play with while we sing.

Choosing Songs

When you are choosing what songs to include in storytime, remember theme and routine. It can be fun to include a new song that goes along with the theme for the day, but new is not always better. Children do well with routine. They enjoying the feeling of already knowing something. If you are rotating houses, repeating songs will bring continuity with the change of location.

I like to choose short, easy songs with a fun character or easy actions.

Song Time Buddies

Monkey next to song time buddies bees, smiley faces and turtles.

Here are a few examples of song buddies I have used. The turtles I use with the song “Tiny Tim Turtle”, the bees I use with the “Baby Bumblebee Song”, and I hand out the faces when we sing “If you Chance to Meet a Frown.”

Making Song Time Buddies

I have three tips.

#1) Keep Them Simple. No need to go crazy here. You can find simple clip-art and color them or other printables online. If you keep the size small, (but not so small they can be swallowed) you can print out quite a few on one piece of paper.

#2) Laminate Them. I have said this before, but I really would laminate my girls if I could. Lamination makes things last and it makes them cleanable. You will understand when you hand out a song time buddy and little Timmy puts it straight into his mouth.

A laminator that uses the pouches can be purchased for as low as $20-$30 and the lamination sheet pockets for around $15 for 100 sheets. If this is out of reach, I have resorted to using packing tape (front and back) for smaller objects, such as these song time buddies, in the past.

#3) Make the song time buddies the same or VERY similar. Learn from my “fancy turtle” mistake.

Three green turtles with patterned shells to use as song time buddies.

I thought it would be fun to give the turtles some character. Ha! It is surprising how much drama a turtle with polka-dots can cause among toddlers. Everyone wanted the polka-dot turtle. All the kids without the polka-dot turtle didn’t want to sing. They could only think about that polka-dot turtle.

If you have a toddler, I am sure you understand.

Keep them the same and the kids will all be happy to get whatever you hand out and you can continue on with the show.

Organize your “Song Buddies”

Find some type of storage for your “song buddies”. A little bag or envelope would work well. Then you are good to go!

Envelopes for holding song buddy turtles and bees
I just store my little “song buddies” in envelopes.

Have fun making little “buddies” for your own storytime or preschool groups or even just for your own little ones.

Thanks for stopping by my page. Feel free to take a look around for other ideas!

Jamie Bills