Basic Story Line:

Madame Louise Bodot lives in a little French town. Her son studies reptiles in Africa. One day her son sends her a boa constrictor for her birthday. Yikes! Although startled at first, Madame Bodot names the snake Crictor and takes very good care him. She even takes Ctrictor to her school. Then one night a burglar arrives at Madame Bodot’s apartment…

What I like about Crictor:

I like the character names. I like the unusual paring of an older lady and a pet snake. I appreciated the extra measures Madame Bodot takes to make Crictor feel at home.

Crictor is a simple story with engaging sketch artwork (in black, white, green and red). I feel the story has good pacing and it is a good length for almost any age of kid. (not very long)

If you like snake picture books, give this book a chance. I think you will like it! 🙂

Jamie Bills

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