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There is something magical about receiving mail.

Maybe it’s finding a fun surprise in the mailbox?

Perhaps it’s opening the letter?

Or holding personalized words sent just to you?

Whatever the reason, adding this spark of magic to a picture book is powerful.


THE JOLLY POSTMAN: or Other People’s Letters by Janet & Allan Ahlberg is a classic. Written in rhyme, the postman is happily delivering letters to fairy tale creatures throughout the town. Each letter is removable and super clever. With a 4.51 avg rating and almost 12,000 ratings on GoodReads, this book is a must.

IT CAME IN THE MAIL by Ben Clanton. Liam loves mail and he really wants some of his own, so he writes to the mailbox, and the mailbox returns something amazing in return. So he repeats the process until things start really piling up and he has to decide what to do with all his stuff. This book is delightful.

CAN I BE YOUR DOG? by Troy Cummings. Arfy does not have a home, but he is sure someone on Butternut Street will want him. But nobody does. Find out what happens to Arfy in this heartwarming tale.

DRAGON POST by Emma Yarlett. What do you do when you find a dragon living under your stairs? Alex doesn’t know either, but he knows who to ask. With hilarious, removable letters, this book is brilliant and endearing.

HERMAN’S LETTER by Tom Percival. Let’s just start off acknowledging how cute these characters are! I came across this book and its sequel at the library and fell in love. It wasn’t long before I ordered a copy of each. Herman and Henry are best friends. One day Henry has to move away. They decide to write letters and stay best friends forever. But sometimes long-distance friendships can be a little tricky.

MEERKAT MAIL by Emily Gravett. Sunny lives in the desert where it is TOO hot and TOO crowded with his family members. So he packs his suitcase and heads out. The book follows his journey as he sends postcards (large flaps) back to his family. Will Sunny find a new place to call home?

DEAR YETI by James Kwan. Featuring the most adorable Yeti, two hikers are out on a trek in the snow. They find they are not quite as well prepared as they thought. Luckily, Yeti is looking out for them. Through a series of letters, the hikers and Yeti develop a sweet friendship.

OUR TREE NAMED STEVE by Alan Zweibel has been a family favorite for years. Told in a series of letters from the parents to their children, this story tells of a tree that grows as the family grows. It is intertwined with their life. Every time I read this book it touches my heart.

THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT by Drew Daywalt. This is another classic. Duncan wants to color, but when he opens his crayon box he finds letters instead of crayons. The crayons have complaints they want to share with Duncan. Hahaha. This book is hilarious. The pink page is my favorite.

BEAST FEAST by Emma Yarlett. Written by the same author as DRAGON POST, this book is about a beast who is preparing “Dinner”, who is actually a child who would rather not be eaten. Hahaha. The beast reaches out in letters to his friends for recipes, Dinner tries to reach out to the beast. BEAST FEAST is witty, colorful and fun.

HERMAN’S VACATION by Tom Percival. Herman and Henry are back and this time they are planning their summer vacation. The problem is they do not have enough money for most of the places they would like to visit. They end up camping, but they learn camping is harder for some than others.

Picture book titled DEAR MR. G by Christine Evans & Gracey Zhang. Little boy and a elderly man exchanging letters.

DEAR MR. G by Christine Evans & Gracey Zhang is the sweetest exchange of letters between Jackson and his neighbor, Mr. Graham. Their letters that start about soccer and roses end in a sweet friendship. This book is sure to touch your heart.

DEAR STREET by Lindsay Zier-Vogel & Caroline Bonne-Miller is an ode from Alice to her street. She loves her street. As a way to help others feel the same and realize all of its beauties, Alice starts writting love lettters about the things she loves on her street and leaving them around to be found by others. Through Alice’s small acts of kindness, she spreads joy to those around her.

Post Office Dramatic Play

When my girls were little, I built an oversized mailbox with oversized postcards for their play area. Then I sewed some mailboxes where they could deliver the postcards.

They were a huge hit and have both received a lot of love and use throughout the years.

For a MUCH simpler version of this fun…


Let’s Find a Pen Pal

Does your child have a pen pal? Receiving mail really is a special experience for kids. And writing letters can be equally rewarding with the bonus of an educational element.

When I was little, my uncle was my pen pal for a time. I still feel closer to him because of those kind letters.

Whether you write to a family member or a new friend, here are a couple of resources you might find helpful:

Pen Pal Resources

Free Printable PenPal Letter from primaryplayground.net
Printable Pen Pal Template letter on lifeyourway.net.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you take the time to enjoy the magic of letters with your little ones!

Jamie Bills

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