About the Contest

Kaitlyn Sanchez (https://kaitlynleannsanchez.com/) and Lydia Lukidis (https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/) host the Fall Writing Frenzy (#fallwritingfrenzy). The main goal of the competition is for writers to make connections.

Winners recieve professional critiques. Big thanks to the volunteers! (https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/fall-writing-frenzy-2020-donors/).


The rules are pretty simple.

  1. Choose 1 of the 15 photos provided as inspiration.
  2. Write a poem or story based on the photo (literal, metaphorical, emotional, etc.)
  3. Pick 200 or fewer words from your piece
  4. Post submission on a personal blog.
  5. Officially enter competition Oct 1-3rd.

My Submission

I had a blast writing my story for this competition!

PB Fiction / 199 Words/ Based on Image 6/ Starting in the middle of my story

Picture of a boy running in a dark forest.


Wolfie Muffin had everything on the list. One last step. Deliver the items to Wolf Headquarters. BUT, Wolf Headquarters was located in the middle of Dark Forest and Wolfie was SCARED of Dark Forest. 

In fact, he never placed one hairy toe beyond the first tree.

Wolfie tried taking one sloooowww step into the dark. He quickly stepped out. Wolfieโ€™s heart was beating fast.

Next, he attempted two slooowwww steps, followed by a quick spin and a leap out.

Wolfie stared longingly from the edge of the woods. He really wanted to join the Big Bad Wolf Club. He worked hard to get this far, but Wolfie Muffin was just too scared.

Wolfie sat down. He looked at his photo with sheep. Wolfie nibbled on a little food from Red. He made a pile out of the chinny-chin-chin hair.

As Wolfie began to pack up, one of his Big Bad Wolf action figures fell out of his bag.

Looking at the toy, Wolfie remembered he always loved the Big Bad Wolves because they were smart, determined, and brave.

Wolfie Muffin realized if he wanted to be a Big Bad Wolf, he needed to act like a Big Bad Wolf.

Jamie Bills