The #fallwritingfrenzy hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez & Lydia Lukidis is one of my FAVORITE writing contests!

If you are not familiar, here is a link:

Basic rules- choose a photo from the provided options (so many fun ones this year) and write a 200-word poem, story, or part of a story.

The photo I chose:

Skeleton bones in a tub by metal cactus. Photo Credit: Brian Wangenheim for Upsplash
Photo Credit: Brian Wangenheim for Upsplash

Here is my story:

Willard’s Ghost Town

by Jamie Bills

Monday, we arrived at Willard’s Ghost Town.

No ghosts, mostly local miners.

Tuesday, we met Sheriff Willard.

He looks just like a skeleton.

Best. Costume. Ever.

Wednesday, I made a new friend.

His name is Gerald Wisp. He knows magic.

He’s especially good at disappearing.

Thursday, we visited the mine.

Looks like it’s been closed for years.

There must be a different mine for all those workers.

Sheriff Willard was there.

He really likes that costume.

Friday, the Sheriff showed us the graveyard.

He smiled when he pointed to three empty plots.

I was more interested in a headstone for “Gerald Wisp”

Maybe it’s Gerald’s dad.

Saturday, Gerald and I played hide-and-seek for hours.

He won every time.

Sunday. Only one more day in Willard’s Ghost Town.

It should be called Willard’s Ghost-less Town.

Oh well, at least I made a friend.

Monday, our door was stuck,

then our car wouldn’t start.

[Sheriff trying to keep them in town]

Gerald helped us out.

He also helped clear the road.

I was sad to say goodbye to Gerald,

but he just grinned and winked.

Maybe he doesn’t understand “goodbye.”

I hope I see Gerald again someday.

[Kyler home, ghost-form Gerald following.]

Best wishes to all who entered!

Jamie Bills

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