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Halloween picture books are some of my FAVORITE books on the planet.

And the following books are my FAVORITES of these FAVORITES.

The BEST Halloween children’s books.

The MOST WONDERFUL… well, I think you get the idea. 🙂

Halloween picture book with a witch and cat riding a broom in front of the full moon. Book is titled ROOM ON THE BROOM by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

ROOM ON THE BROOM by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler is a classic. With delightful refrains, perfect rhyme, and a sweet message of inclusion, this book is a must.

Halloween Children's Book with a haunted house on the cover. Book titled HARDLY HAUNTED by Jessie Sima.

HARDLY HAUNTED by Jessie Sima is about a haunted house who thinks she needs to be less spooky so a family will move in and keep her company. The problem is, she kinda likes being haunted. Is there anyone who will like her spooky side?

This book is incredibly clever. It will make you smile.

Halloween Picture Book with a pumpkin head man on the cover sipping tea. Children's book titled MR. PUMPKIN'S TEA PARTY by Erin Barker.

MR. PUMPKIN’S TEA PARTY by Erin Barker is the PERFECT Halloween-themed counting book. It is ghoulishly delightful.

Children's Halloween Book with a vampire, mummy, ghost, wolf and Frankenstein looking through a window on the cover. Picture Book titled FRIGHT CLUB by Ethan Long.

FRIGHT CLUB by Ethan Long is about some not-so-spooky-looking characters who want to be part of the Fright Club. Will they make it in?

I am crazy about the fun illustrations and humor in this book. So, so fun.

Children's Halloween Book with five ghosts on the cover. The smallest ghost is very cute and sweet looking with a little hat. Picture book title A WEE BOO by Jessica Boyd and Brooke Kerrigan.

A WEE BOO by Jessica Boyd & Brooke Kerrigan has a similar too-cute-to-be-scary theme, but in this case, Wee Boo just needs to spook one person to pass her haunting test. Is there anyone out there who will be scared by this darling ghost?

You will just want to take Wee Boo home. She is so lovable.

Children's Halloween Book

THE COW SAID BOO by Lana Button & Alice Carter is about a cow that runs into a series of unfortunate events. First, she wakes with a cold, then she stumbles into a sheet on a closeline. Before she knows it, her friends are sure she is a ghost.

Hahaha. This is a funny book with great read-aloud rhyme.

STUMPKIN by Lucy Ruth Cummins is about a pumpkin in a pumpkin shop who doesn’t have a stump. He doesn’t worry about it too much until all the surrounding pumpkins start to be purchased. Will anyone want him?

This heartwarming book is full of emotion and neat illustrations.

SIR SIMON: SUPER SCARER by Cale Atkinson is about a ghost who is moving into his first house. He is excited to be assigned a house with an old lady because they are easy to scare, but Sir Simon is surprised to find the old lady has a child with her. A very inquisitive child.

This is a funny book with great pacing and heart.

THERE’S A WITCH IN YOUR BOOK by Tom Fletcher is hands-down my favorite interactive Halloween book. Your child will use their “Finger-wand” to make bunnies, pop bubbles, and perform many other fun tasks. There are surprising page turns, a fun cut-out, and if you are a fan of this series, you will be delighted to see a few familiar characters on the final page.

CREEPY PAIR OF UNDERWEAR by Aaron Reynolds & Peter Brown is my top pick of the three books in this creepy series (although they are all MUST READS). In this book, Jasper is back and he is trying to be brave. But it is tough to be brave when your new underwear are truly creepy and there seems to be no way to get rid of them.

Hahaha. I honestly love everything about this book.

DUCK & GOOSE: HONK! QUACK! BOO! by Tad Hills is a great pick for all the little littles. Duck is a ghost. Goose is a superhero. But who is the scary (*not actually scary at all) swam monster?

If you haven’t had a chance to read a Duck & Goose book yet, this is a splendid introduction to these small, winged buddies.

GUSTAVO by Flavia Z Drago is about a shy ghost who longs to be seen and have friends. Will he be able to gather the nerve to put himself out there?

This is a relatable and endearing story for any kids who are shy or struggle to make friends.

A SPOONFUL OF FROGS by Casey Lyall & Vera Brosgol is new this year and already a family favorite. In this story, a witch is trying to film a how-to spell-brewing video, but the frogs are being cooperative. Not cooperative at all. Hahaha.

WITCH & WOMBAT by Ashley Belote is about a young witch who is excited to get her first witch cat, but when she arrives at the pet store, all they have for her is a wombat. Hahaha. New in 2023, this book will get you laughing.

I hope you enjoy these SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Picture Books and fun holiday

Jamie Bills

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