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From hats piled high by a peddler to hats stolen by a little fish, there is something inherently whimsical when hats are added to a story. Here are some WONDERFUL hat books and fun.

BRIMSBY’S HATS by Andrew Prahin

Brimsby’s Hat is a recent discovery, but one read in and I was completely smitten. Like, “I have to buy this book.” I went back a few days later to see if it really is “that good” and yep. It is. In this story, Brimsby’s friend moves away, so he befriends a tree full of birds. It is charming and heartwarming.

BLUE HAT, GREEN HAT by Sandra Boynton

Board Book BLUE HAT, GREEN HAT (THE OOPS BOOK) by Sandra Boynton. Yellow book with an elephant wearing a blue hat and a moose wearing a green hat on the cover.

A silly mix-up board book, perfect for even the youngest of readers. This book will have your little ones giggling and asking to read it over and over until they can recite it by heart.

CAPS FOR SALE by Exphyr Slobodkina

A man in a tree with a pile of hats and a couple monkeys on the cover of Caps for Sale.

What is more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A treeful of cap-stealing monkeys. Hahaha. This is a must-read classic.


Picture Book THE CAT IN THE HAT with a cat wearing a red and white stripped hat on the cover.

“We looked! Then we saw him step in on the mat! We looked! And we saw him! The Cat in the Hat!” Perfect rhyme, perfect fun, and the most iconic hat-wearing cat ever.


Keiko Kasza, the creator of the wonderful classic, My Lucky Day, also created FINDERS KEEPERs; a wonderful story about a red hat found in the woods. As it moves through different locations and creatures, each one knows just what to do with it and calls, “finders, keepers.” This is a cute story.

THIS IS NOT MY HAT by Jon Klassen

Picture book, THIS IS NOT MY HAT by Jon Klassen

This is my favorite of Klassen’s hat books. In this story a little fish is bragging about stealing the hat he is wearing from a big fish… but he doesn’t brag for long. Hahaha. This is another funny one.


book- HAROLD LOVES HIS WOOLLY HAT with trees and a little bear with a striped hat.

“A story about a bear, a wooly hat, and what it means to be truly special.” This charming book is full of adorable artwork and heart.

THE QUEEN’S HAT by Steve Antony

BOOK- THE QUEEN'S HAT. With the queen following her hat and lots of palace guards following her.

Follow the Queen & Royal Guard all over London as they try to catch the Queen’s hat. Hahaha. This chaotic adventure makes us laugh every time.

HAT CAT by Troy Wilson & Eve Coy

Book- Hat Cat by Troy Wilson. Older man sitting on a bench with a cat in a hat on his lap.

The grandpa in HAT CAT will totally capture your heart as he interacts with his favorite squirrels and his new little kitten.

VERY GOOD HATS by Emma Straub & Blanca Gomez

Be still my heart. VERY GOOD HATS is SUPER adorable. The concept is simple… anything can be a hat. But the choices of objects used as hats paired with the lovable illustrations make this book a winner. Especially for the younger picture book audience.

HATS OF FAITH by Medeia Cohan & Sarah Walsh

This non-fiction board book introduces children to different hats and head coverings worn by different religious groups around the world.

Fun with Hats!

Paper plate cat in the hat next to the cat in the hat book.

Look at this cute Cat In the Hat craft idea!

Little man surrounded by caps.

Check out this cute printable activity from crunchygal.com to go with CAPS FOR SALE.

The book Go Dog Go with party hats.

I love these Silly Party Hats from littlegreenpear.com!

Strawberries and banana sliced on striped straws to make Cat in the Hat snacks.

I am always up for a themed snack, especially if they are simple! Look at these Dr. Seuss Party Snacks from onmykidsplate.com.

Happy Hat Fun!

Grab your cute kiddo, a pile of hat books, a few craft supplies, and some random hats and you are ready for a great day!

Jamie Bills

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