Do your kids like paper dolls?

My girls love them, but they have a hard time using the tabs to hold on the clothes on. Especially the accessories.

Relatable, right?

How to make Paper Dolls Playable and Durable

I found if you ditch the tabs and laminate the paper dolls-

Picture of paper doll clothes on a lamination sheet.

#1– They last forever (or pretty close 😉).

#2– You can then use Tac ‘N Stik or Craft Velcro which makes changing the clothes and playing a cinch. ❤️ The paper doll’s clothes and accessories actually stay on!!

Craft Velcro (this is what I use, make sure you do not use the Velcro meant for sewing) is a little more expensive than Tac ‘N Stik and takes more time (and will make your scissors sticky, so don’t use your favorite pair), but it also has less mess potential if left in the unpredictable hands of a little one. If your kids are a little older and more responsible, the Tac ‘N Stik is a great solution.

laminated paper doll girl with pants and stick to attach the pants.

My daughters played with this princess paper doll set one million times. Maybe more. Hahaha.

Disney Princess Paperdolls

The process of cutting off the tabs, laminating, and applying craft velcro (if you decide to go that route) takes some work, but for my girls, it has been TOTALLY worth it.

More About Marjorie & Her Book – OLD FRIENDS

This cute little paper doll is Marjorie from the picture book OLD FRIENDS.

Marjorie loves activities stereotypically reserved for an older generation-

gardening, knitting, and baking shows.

(I did too! My favorite show as a kid was, I LOVE LUCY, and I enjoyed scrapbooking, quilting, and pinochle. I think Marjorie and I would have been good friends. 😂❤️)

Marjorie misses her grandma and she realizes none of the other kids in her neighborhood enjoy the same activities as her, so she begins to look elsewhere.

She finds what, or maybe I should say who, she is looking for at the local older citizens’ friend group, but she’s turned away at the door because of her age.

Marjorie doesn’t let that stop her.

Marjorie returns and discovers with her new friends that “age is nothing but a number.”

Picture of paper doll matching the book OLD FREINDS.

I love everything about this book. So often spending time with older people is portrayed as a service. Something younger generations can do to help older generations.

This book celebrates the truth; there are mutual benefits to these relationships, AND if we limit our social circle to only those who are our age, we may miss out on wonderful friendships.

**You can print your own FREE Marjorie paper doll at:

Good luck with all your paper doll creations and modifications!


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