I have not always been thankful for my knees.

I felt they held me back from being a better runner in high school. When our cross country team would get into the heart of the season and run two-a-day practices or have very taxing workouts, my knees would give me trouble. It made me mad. I just wished for different knees.

But I have come to realize, even though they may not allow me to do everything I want, there are very few things I could do without them.

My knees help me every day.

All day long.

Here is an excerpt from THE KNEE BOOK by Graham Tether I find very fitting:

If you have knees,

then you’re in luck.

Without our knees,

we’d all be stuck!

For every little move we’d make,

we’d need to slither like a snake!

I say it once.

I say it twice.

Knees, knees are very nice!

Why are you thankful for your knees?

What are some activities your knees help you accomplish?

Why are you thankful for your knees?

Picture Books About Knees

All about knees! Why we have them (playful reasons, not scientific) and reasons we should be grateful for them. It is written in rhyme with cute illustrations.

Whose Knees are These? is a cute board book posing simple questions about who the adorable knees in the book belong to. This book is perfect for toddlers.

Fun Animal Knee Facts

  • The only living animal with 4 kneecaps is an ostrich.
  • Bees have knees.
  • Crickets and grasshoppers have ears on their knees.
  • Birds (including penguins) have knees, but you can’t see them because they are higher up and hidden by feathers.
  • Some animals can sleep standing up because their knees lock.
  • Spiders have 48 knees. (Although some people argue they have 0 knees because they have an exoskeleton.)

Song Time

The Bee’s Knees

Toddlerapproved.com came up with a fun activity using paper bees and your knees.

Participants stand in a circle with the person who is “it” standing in the middle with eyes closed.

Those in the circle sing “I’m Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee” and pass around a small paper bee, hiding it under one of their hands on their knee.

The person who is it tries to guess who is hiding the bee.

When it is discovered, that person does a bee dance and becomes “it”.

Remember to show your knees some love. There are few things you could do without them.

Jamie Bills

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