In a society obsessed with how our bodies look, sometimes it is easy to forget that our bodies are incredible. They enable us to do many fun and important things. As we teach our kids to be grateful for their bodies and to love themselves, we shift the focus from body image to body appreciation.

Why do we have toes?

Besides looking cute and holding our flip-flops in place, toes:

  • Help us balance
  • Help us move forward
  • Support 75% of our when we walk (according to Acorn Health)
  • Help us run faster

What do you like about your toes?

Is there anything you particularly like about your toes?

I like the look of my toes when the nails are freshly painted.

3 Adorable Picture Books About Toes

Have you tried drawing with your toes?

Although not as practiced and coordinated as your fingers, did you know you can actually hold a crayon with your toes and draw a picture?

Try it!

Toe Art Activity

Here is a link to a simple Toe Print Caterpillar from

Remember to show your toes some love. They are incredible!

Jamie Bills