I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! 🙂 We LOVE ice cream around our house. My daughter requested a trip to M Street Baking Company in Howell, MI for her recent birthday. We had heard all about their amazing shakes, but it was fun to check them out for ourselves!

Birthday Milkshake from M Street Baking Company in Howell, MI.
Birthday Milkshake from M Street Baking Company in Howell, MI

A Few Ice Cream Books We Love-

Gerald knows he should share his ice cream with Piggy, but he is not sure he really wants to. I love all the expressive pictures and self introspection in this story. Great reminder about the importance of sharing and good friends.

My girls LOVED this story. Keith is a cat. One day an ice cream cone drops on his head and he tells his friends it is magical. Now his friends want him to prove the ice cream cone’s magic. What is he going to do now?

I loved Scoop the Ice Cream Truck by Patricia Keeler. The story is about an older ice cream truck who has had a good run, but things are starting to change. New flashy trucks are showing up on the scene with exciting flavors and specialized ice cream. He can’t seem to compete, so he tries changing himself. He realizes all the changes do not work either, and that it is time to retire and follow his retirement dream. Although some may find this story a little sad, I loved the truth and reality of the business world. I love him moving on from a good life of selling ice cream to enjoying his relaxing retirement. Unique story.

Frog and Toad All Year by Arnold Lobel contains 5 stories. I love the Ice Cream story. Toad goes to the store on a hot day to get ice cream for himself and Frog. On the way back, the sun melts the ice cream and Toad ends up looking like a messy, scary creature who startles all who are in his path. Luckily Frog recognizes Toad’s voice and helps out his best friend.

Free Simple Ice Cream Cone Coloring PDF Download

Ice Cream Cone Coloring Page. Ice Cream Cone Has a Smiley Face.

Ice Cream Handprint Art

Check Out this adorable handprint ice cream art:

Hand-Print Ice Cream Art

I was inspired by:

Here is a PDF of the background. I would suggest printing it on cardstock so that it holds the paint better.

After adding handprints (paint top and bottom of hands different colors), cut out elongated triangles for the cones and add a little sketching to complete the ice cream and cherry on top.

Jamie Bills