Looking for Valentine’s Day picture books to share with your littles (or enjoy yourself)? Look no further! Here are some of my favorites, old and new:

THE DAY IT RAINED HEARTS by Felicia Bond is about a girl named Cornelia Augusta who discovers that it is raining hearts one day. She collects the hearts and makes them into Valentines to share. It is such a sweet little book.

LOVE IS by Diane Adams & Claire Keane is about a little girl who finds and cares for a little duckling. This story is about the ups and downs of love. It is beautiful.

LOVE RUBY VALENTINE by Laurie Friedman & Lynne Avril is about a little girl and her lovebird who set out to make a Valentine for every person in their town. When they fall short of their goal, the town shows their love back. I love the rhyme in this one and Ruby’s cute personality.

Picture book Viking in love with a little Viking on a floaty.

VIKING IN LOVE by Doug Cenko is about a little Viking who is scared of the water. Nothing will get him out on the open water…except maybe his true love. Hahaha. This story is equal parts humor and heart. Love it.

LOVE MONSTER by Rachel Bright is about a little monster who just wants to find someone who will love him. He should come by my house because I love him and his cute little face.

THE NIGHT BEFORE VALENTINE’S DAY by Natasha Wing & Heidi Petach follows the same pattern as the rest of the series- where new words are used in the “Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem. This time they are getting ready for Valentine’s Day. I really enjoy this series.

HERE COMES VALENTINE CAT by Deborah Underwood & Claudia Rueda is HILARIOUS. I love this series where Cat holds up signs and interacts with the narrator. In this book, Cat is letting his disgust of Valentine’s Day be known.

LOVEBIRD LOU by Tammi Sauer & Stephanie Laberis is about a little lovebird named Lou who sees all of the neat things other birds can do and decides he is too ordinary. So he sets out to be a different bird. This book is a cute story with a good message.

GRUMPY MONKEY GROSS-OUT by Suzanne & Max Lang can be summed up by the picture of Jim Panzee on the cover. He doesn’t like all of the hearts and flowers and romance on Valentine’s Day. Hahaha.

THE MIXED-UP MESSAGE by Heather & Ethan Long is a story about Max who is trying to write a letter to Molly Green but he is having a little trouble. Good thing he has his good friend, Milo. This is a fun, silly story that will make kids giggle.

THE BIGGEST BALENTINE EVER by Steven Kroll & Jeni Bassett is a sweet story about some mice who work together to make their teacher the biggest Valentine ever. It is a darling classic.

Hope you and your little ones enjoy Valentine’s Day!

Jamie Bills

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