Do you have paperback picture books? You know, the floppy, bendy, easy-to-crease-and-tear picture books? The picture books that nearly disappear when you shelve them among hardback books because their spines are super thin?

I may sound like a paperback picture book hater, but I really am not. They are usually much less expensive than hardback and sometimes they are the only readily available option. We have 335 paperback picture books (I know this because of my book tracking app… another topic for another day).

Paperback Picture Book Storage Suggestion-

I found a great, inexpensive solution at my local Dollar Tree. I have located these same containers in four different stores, in two different states. The color selection has varied at the different locations.

These plastic boxes are mixed in with their other plastic storage options. They are 11 3/4″ long, 8 1/4″ wide and 7″ tall and they are only $1.25 each!

Photo of book shelf with plastic boxes holding paperback picture books.
One of our bookshelves. Containers are used for paperback and board books.


These containers are great. They make it possible to view the covers as you flip through the books, which makes it easier for kids to find their favorites (and they make it easier to put books away).

We only have about 3-4 paperback picture books that do not fit in these containers. We store our horizontally oriented books on their ends. Storing the books on their ends has not seemed to hurt them over the past several years.

Stuffed Animal Clifford next to plastic storage container with paperback picture books
Notice Down by the Station is stored on its side.

These containers worked great to display paperback books at an elementary used-book sale.


Remember they are $1.25. For $1.25, I think they are good, but they are not super durable. I have not had any problems if they are left on the shelf and kids kids just flip through their contents. I have had a couple break if they are full and the kids are carrying them around the house.

Simple Solution… just double them up.

Pete the Cat next to plastic container holding picture books
Double-up storage containers to exponentially increase durability.

Doubled-up, they are way stronger!

If you do not like the looks of the doubled-up version, keep your eyes open for similar-sized containers made from different or stronger materials.


I hope this idea works as well for you as it has for us!

Jamie Bills