I recently discovered an amazing writing channel on YouTube. It is called PICTURE BOOK UNIVERSITY (@picturebookuniversity) and all of its content is geared towards helping hopeful authors learn about writing and publishing picture books.

Creator Pam Calvert

The channel was developed in 2020 by picture book author Pam Calvert.

Picture books in a pile written by Pam Calvert including Flash the Little fire Engine, Princess Peepers, Brianna Bright Ballerina Knight, and Multiplying Menace.
Picture books written by Pam Calvert

In addition to her darling picture books (I especially adore Princess Peepers), Pam has judged and critiqued hundreds of manuscripts over the years. She’s also a professional speaker.

You can pretty much sum it up by saying she is awesome.

Picture Book University Content

Click this link to check out all of her informative videos yourself, but just to give you a heads up about what to expect, here are a few of the topics:

  • Picture Book Mistakes
  • The Harsh Truth About Agents and PB Writers
  • 6 Neewbie PB Writer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!
  • 7 Reasons Your PB is Rejected!
  • PB Story Structure Secrets!
  • 8 Tips for Writing Dialogue
  • And Much More!!!

Each segment is loaded with great tips and content. Although she created the channel two years ago and is not currently uploading new videos, her advice is just as relevant today as when she posted it.

If you are new at writing or even not-so-new, you should check out PICTURE BOOK UNIVERSITY. It is well worth your time.

Best of luck with your writing coaster!


Here is one of Pam’s helpful videos.

Links to Pam’s Books on Amazon

Picture of a princess with large pink glasses. Book Title Princess Peepers
Book princess Peepers picks a pet with a picture of a princes with zebra stripped glasses on the front.
Picture of a pirncess in a fencing uniform with a pink poodle in front of a castle. Book title Brianna Bright, Ballerina Knight.
Picture book Flash the Firetruck with a picture of a cute firetruck with a smile on the front cover.
Picture book Multiplying Menace.
Picture Book The Multiplying Menace Divides.

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