Do you enjoy any of the fiber arts? Crocheting, knitting or weaving?

I have recently discovered a LOVE of crocheting. Especially when I am able to work on amigurumi (which is pretty much the same thing as crocheting, but you are working on 3D toys).

Crocheted doll with brown hair and a peach-colored dress.

This is one of my latest creations. I gave it to my oldest daughter and plan to make a doll for each of my other girls.

Here are a few more of my projects. They are so much fun!! Hats off to you knitters, my brain crosses thinking about using two needles!

Fabulous Picture Books with Knitting, Weaving, and Crocheting

Okay, enough about my projects, here is the book list you are actually here for:

Book Extra Yarn with animals and characters on the front. Text looks like yarn text.

EXTRA YARN by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen is a MUST READ! Although some people interpret this sweet story differently, I believe it is a beautiful tale of kindness. I also believe it belongs in EVERY library.

Book LEAVE ME ALONE by Vera Brosgol with an old lady holding knitting needles and yarn and yelling. Also on the cover, a bear, an alien, a little boy and a goat.

LEAVE ME ALONE! by Vera Brosgol is a brilliant surprise on each page turn. Breaking the rule of having children as the main characters in picture books, an older lady takes center stage here. All she wants is a little peace and quiet to finish her knitting, but she can’t seem to find it in this world.

NED THE KNITTING PIRATE by Diana Murray combines knitting and pirates in the best of ways. Written in delightful rhyme, this book breaks down the steriotypical rules of age and gender for knitting. And the illustrations are fantastic. (I am afraid this one might be out of print (super bummer) but you can catch a reading on YouTube.)

Picture book titled OTTO GOES NOTRH with a picture of a lemur wearing a party had and holding a book with yarn and knitting needles on the cover.

OTTO GOES NORTH by Ulrika Kestere is a delightful tale about a lemur who rides his bike a long distance to see the Northern Lights and visit his friends. But when he tries to paint the Northern Lights, he is too cold. His friends work together to knit Otto a sweater. This description doesn’t really do this book justice. It is storytelling at its finest with lovable details and quarks.

NOODLE'S KNITTING book with a picture of a large purple yarn ball and a little brown mouse.

NOODLE’S KNITTING by Sheryl Webster & Caroline Pedler is a darling story about a mouse named Noodle who discovers knitting. Now all Noodle wants to do is knit. The illustrations in this book include soft-to-touch yard on every page.

Book titled WOVEN OF THE WORLD with a young girl, an older lady, a blue cat, and beautiful flower designs.

WOVEN OF THE WORLD by Katey Howes and Dinara Mirtalipova is a recent release about a girl who is learning how to weave. While she learns, we learn about the ancient art of weaving and what it can teach us. Gorgeous illustrations and great information written lyrically.

Book titled KNIT YOUR BIT by Deborah Hopkinson and Steven Guarnaccia shows a little girl and boy knitting a US flag with yarn balls at their feet and clouds behind them.

KNIT YOUR BIT: A World War 1 Story by Deborah Hopkinson and Steven Guarnaccia is based on true events. The troops were cold and in need of socks and mittens, so knitting bees and competitions were held. Even the boys got involoved.

Book IF YOU WANT TO KNIT SOME MITTENS cover with a little girl riding a big white sheep and knitting.

IF YOU WANT TO KNIT SOME MITTENS by Lara Purdie Salas and Angela Matteson might be the cutest “How-To” book I have ever read! It give directions step by step of how to make mittens, starting with the sheep. Lots of heart and humor in this one!

Book RAINBOW WEAVER with a girl holding a rainbow tapestry. She has dark hair and big brown eyes.

RAINBOW WEAVER by Linda Elovitz Marshall and Elisa Chavarri is about a young girl in Guatelmala who wants to learn the art of weaving but her mom is busy preparing for the market and there are not any extra thread, so Ixchel has to get a little creative.

Book titled WHILE WE WAIT by Judy Ann Sadler and Elodie Duhameau cover with a dog, little boy and grandma on a small couch. The grandma is knitting and the boy and grandma are wearing glasses.

WHILE WE WAIT by Judy Ann Sadler and Elodie Duhameau is a story about a little boy who is waiting and waiting and waiting while his grandma knits and knits and knits. You do not discover until the end that the wait feels extra long because they are waiting for his baby sibling. Awww.


Hope you love these books! If you are interested in trying amigurumi on your own, I recommend the book, CROCHET AMIGURUMI FOR EVERY OCCASION: 21 Easy Projects to Celebrate Life’s Happy Moments (The Woobles Crochet)


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