I was looking up craft ideas for old books when I came across these beautiful paper flowers-

Rose flowers crafted from old book pages.

Of course, we had to give them a try! Here is a quick video preview. The supplies and simple steps are listed below.

Gather supplies

Supplies to make paper flowers: scissors, book pages, glue gun, floral tape, skewer.

You will need pages from an old book, scissors, a glue gun, floral tape, and a skewer stick (Money Saver- You can purchase a package of 100 skewer sticks from Walmart for about $1.).

Simple steps for paper flowers:

three 4" squares cut from old book pages
Step 1: Cut three 4″ squares from any old book pages. Be mindful, you will see both sides.
4" squares folded diagonally
Fold each on the diagonal three times. This photo shows the different sizes after each fold.
triangle folded book pages being cut into a teardrop shape
Round the unfolded edge of each triangle so they look like teardrops.
Picture depicting cuts for three squares.
Unfold. Cut out one teardrop/petal section, two sections, then three sections as shown above.
First step of assembly, attach the smallest teardrop.
Starting with the smallest petal and glue gun, glue petals onto the end of the skewer (I cut off the pointed skewer tip).
Picture showing additional layers added to the paper flower.
Keep adding petals in the order of size until they are all on. I try to offset them on each level as well as offsetting the seams. Use an extra skewer to slightly curl the ends of the petals outward.

Finally, add floral tape to the skewer. This step is optional. You can keep the stick natural or paint it as well.

Voila! Your finished paper flower!

Two completed paper flower roses with black and white petals.

Get Creative!!!

I had so much fun making the original black and white flowers, that I made another trip to the thrift store to purchase a bigger variety of used books. Childrens books, cook books, music books… way too many books for how much paper these little flowers require. Hahaha. In fact, I made so many paper flowers, my daughter and I included them in a craft fair at the library.

Kelsey and Jamie Bills at a craft fair at the Capital Area District Library.

You can also use scrapbook paper or origami paper instead of book pages.

AND the size is adjustable!

So many options!

orange vase full of colored paper rose flowers.



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