UPDATE: I was selected as one of the winners!!! (Cue the fireworks!) Yay!!!!

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It’s time for the annual Spring Fling Kidlit writing contest hosted by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez & Ciara O’Neal (thanks ladies!!). If YOU are interested in learning more about the contest, click here:


My gif inspiration this year comes from Tenor.com (Whitmoi1590). Big thanks for such a fun gif!

Without further ado, my entry:


By Jamie Bills

“Attention campers, our bird buddies are migrating home as we speak,” Major Bushytail hollered on the first day of boot camp. “What does that mean?”

“Time for a welcome home party?” joked Hammy. 

“Incessant chirping?” grumbled Grizzy.

“Spring?” guessed Blossom.

“It means bird feeders,” explained Major Bushytail.

“Every year they’re higher,


and trickier than the last.”

The squirrels chittered and nodded.

“With proper preparation, we’ll be prepared.”

“What’s our motto campers?”

“There’s no such thing as squirrel-proof!” the squad squeaked.

“That’s correct.”

“Now move to your assigned groups and get to work.”

Sergeant Grippy monitored progress on pole climbs and wire walks.

Lieutenant Savvy taught maneuvers for cages and spinners.

Captain Hoppy drilled burpees and box jumps.

Day by day Major Bushytail’s campers grew smarter, stronger, and more skilled.

By the time boot camp graduation arrived, Bushytail’s squad was ready.

“There’s no such thing as squirrel-proof.”

Thanks for stopping by and good luck to all who enter the Spring Fling 2023 writing contest!


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