Aaarrrrrrr you ready for some spectacular pirate books?

I recently went on a deep ocean dive of pirate books. Here be my FAVORITES of the 58 pirate-themed children’s books I scavenged.

The 9 BEST picture books about pirates:

little boy on a pirates shoulders

HOW I BECAME A PIRATE by Melinda Long & David Shannon is a CLASSIC pirate tale. In this story, Jeremy spends a day being a pirate on a pirate ship. It is the stuff buccaneer dreams are made of.

very short pirate between two larger pirates

SMALL SAUL by Ashley Spires is about a small pirate who is not like all the other pirates on board, but when they make him walk the plank, they realize different is not always a bad thing.

an orange fish with a crown and a pink fish with a pirate hat

PRINCE AND PIRATE by Charlotte Gunnufson & Mike Lowery is about a pirate fish and prince fish who end up in a shared tank and must find a way to get along. Hahaha, this book is hilarious. With fun language and expressions, I think it will make you laugh.

A little boy on a pirate ship holding a cutlass and wearing a pirate hat with a skull and crossbones

GOODNIGHT PIRATE by Michelle Robinson & Nick East is the BEST pirate bedtime story around. The little pirate is saying goodnight to his pirate things and getting ready for bed and as you read this story to your little one, it will help them prepare for sleep as well.

A pirate and a penguin looking at each other

In PIRATE & PENGUIN by Mike Allegra & Jenn Harney, a penguin lands on a pirate ship where the pirate decides to make him into a great parrot. But it is a little hard for a penguin to be a parrot. This is a story of accepting others for who they are, forgiveness, and unlikely friendship.

l little girl yelling next to a pirate sitting on Santa's lap

Pirates + Christmas are not an obvious combo… but IF YOU EVER WANT TO BRING A PIRATE TO MEET SANTA, DON’T! by Elise Parsley does it in the best and funniest of ways. Magnolia does a great job of convincing readers that they shouldn’t take a pirate with them to visit Santa. Hahaha.

two pirates and a monkey in a little boat next to a sea monster

I think NED THE KNITTING PIRATE by Diana Murray may be out of print right now, but if you can pick it up at the library or order a used copy, you won’t regret it. Diana is amazing a rhymes (author of Unicorn Day/Night) and this is no exception. In this story, there is an unconforming pirate who likes to knit. The crew thinks it is a bad thing until it ends up being a very, very good thing.

Little boy jumping and ringing a bell on a hill.

THE PIRATES ARE COMING by John Condon & Matt Hunt is a story about a boy named Tom who is watching the seas for pirate ships. In a funny twist on The Boy Who Cried Wolf, he continues to call “pirates” when there are not any pirates. This is a super fun story with a great surprise ending.

Boat shaped car full of a pirate family and pirate things.

And last but certainly not least, THE PIRATES NEXT DOOR by Jonny Duddle. In this story, a pirate family pulls their boat onshore and tries to settle down in a quiet neighborhood, but as you might guess, the neighbors are more than a little leary of this unusual family. (The illustrations are amazing!)

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Enjoy your reading, matey! I would love to hear about your favorite pirate picture book if you do not see it on this list!


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