The biggest bully in my life is me. I say things to myself I would never dream of saying to others.

Does this sound familiar?

It is hard to have good self-worth when focusing on your negative aspects or actions. But how do you stop the mean thoughts?

This is where AFFIRMATIONS come in handy.

Affirmations are positive assertions that something exists or is true. They will help increase positive thinking and boost your self-confidence.

“I am peaceful and whole.”

“I am good and getting better.”

“I am still learning and it’s okay to make mistakes.”

Implementing Affirmations In Your Life

A quick google search will flood your screen with beautiful lists of affirmations.

Find a list that speaks to you and print it off or find graphics you can print and post somewhere noticeable. You can also save a powerful affirmation as a background on your phone.

I really like these FREE PRINTABLE CARDS

Picture of a paper with text stating "Free Printable Affirmation Cards" and flowers next to the paper.
Lovely affirmation cards from

Make sure you are reading and believing your affirmations.

My Experiment with Affirmations

A couple of weeks ago I received a deck of affirmation cards from Sounds True publishing for review.

Every day I pull out a new card and place it next to my computer.

They have made a difference in my self-talk.

Photo of computer desk displaying positive affirmation card. It reads "I am a positive light" and has a picture of a glowing girl near a dark forest.
Image of affirmation card box. Picture of a girl on the cover holding a jar. Cars are titled I AM POWERFUL. There are various cards and butterflies spread around the photo. The cards have positive affirmations such as, "I appreciate and love my body" and "I can get through anything."

You are valuable and good.

You are so much more than your negative self-talk.

Yes, you.

And you are an example for your kids. Teach them to be kind to themselves by being kind to yourself.

Jamie Bills

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