(Updated 2024)

My youngest daughter has been OBSESSED with unicorns for the past FOUR YEARS. So I now consider myself a unicorn picture book expert. (Yes, that is a real thing.)

Two years ago she asked for a unicorn-themed birthday. So I got online and purchased a unicorn costume for our dog so she could wake up to a real live “unicorn.” Hahaha. We still laugh about it.

Over the past four years, we have read a LOT of unicorn books. These are our favorites:

UNI THE UNICORN by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Uni the Unicorn picture books. Little girl with unicorn on cover.

Uni is so popular she has a picture book series, of easy-readers, and board books. Starting with UNI THE UNICORN. It is such a darling concept. Uni is SURE little girls are real, but all of the other unicorns do not believe Uni. One day Uni runs into a little girl who is in a similar predicament… all the other children do not believe unicorns are real.


That's Not My Unicorn book. Touch-and-feel board book. Yellow with Unicorn on the cover.

IF I could, I would own every book in this touch-and-feel board book series, but alas, there are currently 55 of them, and that seems a bit extreme. In case you aren’t familiar with the format of these books, the narrator is explaining throughout the book why each picture is not their unicorn (in this case) because it is too something. Too furry (with fur on the page for a kid to feel), too rough (with a rough patch), etc. On the last page, the narrator identifies the unicorn on the page as their own. Honestly, toddlers eat these books up.


Unicorns are the Worst picture book. Pink with glitter on the cover and a goblin holding an umbrella.

How funny is this title and cover? It gets even better inside! Goblin has set out to prove unicorns are the worst and he is going to try to convince you along the way. This book makes me laugh every time.

I’M A UNICORN by Mallory C Loehr

I'm a unicorn picture book. Blue cover with flowers and a young unicorn.

This sweet, quiet, Little Golden Book has such a charming feel. And the artwork is gorgeous.

UNICORN NIGHT (Sequel to UNICORN DAY) by Diana Murray

Unicorn day and night picture books. Bold blue covers surrounded by many unicorn heads and horns.

Although I LOVE the original (they are both worth purchasing), UNICORN DAY, this is one of those rare instances when I like the sequel better than the first! It is just the best little unicorn-party bedtime book EVER.

UNICORN (AND HORSE) by David W Miles

Unicorn (and Horse) picture book with a unicorn in the clouds and a horse underneath being rained on.

Horse is grateful he is NOTHING like Unicorn. He is not too fond of Unicorn. But one night Unicorn is kidnapped by robbers and Horse is the only one who can help. With a little extra time together, Horse learns Unicorn might not be as different, or as bad, as he originally thought.

Donut by Laura Gehl & Andrea Zuill

Donut tries again and again to learn how to fly. In this book with sparse words and big heart, Donut learns that persistence isn’t always enough, but you can do anything if you have good friends.


A unicorn with a water helmet in the ocean swimming toward the surface.

This is the sweetest story about a unicorn who is born in a family of narwhals and wonders he is not very good at the things most narwhals are good at, until one day he discovers there are unicorns like himself and he has to try to decide what world he should be a part of, or if there is any way he can enjoy both.


Invasion of the Unicorns picture book. Stuffed Unicorn looking out the window.

Looking for a truly unique unicorn book? This one is awesome. Secret Agent Bubble07 is sent to Earth to see if a group of alien unicorns should attack Earth. It is fun to read the reports of Bubble07’s experiences and I love the illustrations.


Dot not wish for a birthday unicorn picture book. Blue cover with little girl and unicorn.

If you are thinking of inviting a unicorn to your next birthday party, you might want to think again. Hahaha. This fun, silly book contains a great message on kindness.


Black sparkly cover with pink unicorn.

THELMA THE UNICORN is a charming story told in rhyme by one of my favorite authors. It is all about learning to appreciate and love yourself.

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea

I am always up for a book that will make me giggle, but it is a bonus if it also touches the heart. In this story, Goat thinks life is so much better for Unicorn, but as he gets to know Unicorn, he discovers not everything is sprinkles and cupcakes. He also discovers a good friend.


If you are looking for a couple of simple, ADORABLE unicorn crafts, here are a couple of lovely options. Simply click the images to be linked to the sources with instructions!

Paper Plate Unicorn – Kid Craft – from GLUED TO MY CRAFTS

Unicorn paper plate crafts with two plate unicorns in photo.

Cardboard Tube Unicorns – from Kids Craft Room

Unicorn tube art. White unicorn painted on toilet paper tube with rainbow yarn hair.

Unicorn Marshmallow Pops – from The Decorated Cookie

Marshmallows decorated like unicorns.

Free Printable Coloring Page – From Verbnow.com

Unicorn coloring page. Unicorn in front of rainbow and stars.

Best wishes for your magical reading and creations!

Jamie Bills

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