Gummi Worm Day is July 15th. This got me thinking about picture books and activities relating to worms. I love worms!

I got my hands on 27 books about worms. Here are my top 5 recommendations of the books I read. (pictures link to Amazon, downloadable PDF library list below)-

Worm Picture Book Recommendations

I CAN ONLY DRAW WORMS book with a worm on the cover

I Can Only Draw Worms by Will Vabbitt is hilarious! Because the author can only draw worms, he ends up adjusting this counting story in funny ways. Super fun story.

Picture book says Carl and the Meaning of Life with a worm underground.

Carl and the Meaning of Life by Deborah Freedman. Carl is an earthworm who goes on a journey of self-discovery. He wants to know the meaning of his life. His journey takes him through beautiful pages as he meets other animals who live around his world. He learns his purpose is different than others, but he plays an important role.

Friendly worm with a frog and bugs around him.

Superworm by Julia Donaldson. This book is written by the same author as Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo. She is a wizard with writing in rhyme. Superworm is another winning story. It is about a worm who typically helps others until one day he is the one in need of help. Cute artwork.

Worm holding a pencil. Diary of a Worm.

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin. Doreen Cronin is the author of the Click Clack Moo books. This story is completely different and wildly creative. It is written in diary form, from the perspective of a worm. Our copy of this book is pretty beaten up because it has been read so many times.

Two worms underground at night.

Wiggling Worms at Work by Wendy Pfeffer. This is a NON-FICTION book that is full of GREAT information. Sometimes I have a hard time plowing through non-fiction books but this kept me interested and entertained the whole way through. I learned many things. I found myself sharing “fun facts” about worms at the dinner table.

Downloadable Library List with Worm Picture Book Recommendations-

More WORM Fun:

Worm Art-

My girls doing some classic “worm art”

Worm art with noodles is not a new idea, but it was new to my kids and they had a lot of fun.

All you need:

  • Cooked Noodles (spaghetti or fettuccine)
  • Paint
  • Paper plates (to hold the paint)
  • Paper (construction paper is a little thicker to hold paint)
  • Protective Materials (depending on surface and age of kids (table cover, bibs, etc)

Once you have things set up, just let your kid(s) drag the noodles through the paint and then use those noodles to create art on their paper.

Coloring Page Download

Worm Coloring Page

Worm Snack Idea- Dirt Cups

Gummi Worm “Dirt Cup”

Gummi Worm Dirt Cups

“Dirt Cups” are easy. Have your kid(s) help. All you need-

  • Cups (I think clear cups are cuter, but they are not necessary)
  • Instant Chocolate Pudding (we used a large box to create 4 dirt cups)
  • Oreo Cookies (knock-offs are fine)
  • Gummi Worms

Mix up the instant chocolate pudding according to the pudding directions on the box. Pour into cups. Fill about 3/4 full. Refrigerate while working on the next step.

Next, take Oreos apart and scrape out the filling. (you will not need this later) We used around one row of cookies. Place filling-less cookies in a bag and crush until only crumbs and fairly small chunks remain. (it should look like dirt)

Then, pull out the pudding cups and place a few worms in each cup. (see photo above) Pour cookie crumbs around the worms.

Refrigerate until you are ready to eat. Enjoy!

Get Outside and Find Worms

Another thing we like to do is “save” worms trapped in the middle of the sidewalk after it rains.

Maybe the best worm activity of all is digging for worms. It is like finding a buried treasure!

Jamie Bills

Other Great Picture Books

ice cream in a dish and picture books about ice cream
Jamie Bills holding a pile of picture books.