My daughter, Kelsey, begged for a chance to hold a book club with her friends.

Because we are already busy running around most nights of the week AND there are still a lot of COVID concerns in our area, we decided to hold the book club via Zoom.

And because it is working SO WELL, I want to share the idea with you!

How to Organize

We created a Google Form survey to gauge interest and availability.

Then selected a group of her friends (ages 7-9) and sent a link to the survey to their parents.

We chose the day and time based on responses. (We hold it Monday at 4:30 on the last full week in the month.)

For planning purposes, I also had Kelsey pick out the first 6 months of books. In the survey, she asked for feedback on other books that should be included and we will implement those books during the second half of the year.

Planning the Meeting

Their book club’s first-month book was THE BAD GUYS.

Kelsey wanted everyone to read it before the upcoming BAD GUYS movie hits theatres.

The Bad Guys cover

Because I want Kelsey to feel ownership over her club, I had Kelsey write her own book club questions.

Then I found online book discussions to help her make their bookish conversation last a little longer. Many chapter books have discussion questions available online.

Running the Meeting

I sent reminders with the meeting link and made sure everyone who signed up made it on, then turned the time over to Kelsey.

Kelsey ran the meeting for the duration of a free Zoom account meeting (40 mins) which worked out perfectly. The first half of the time they talked about the book. In the second half, they just talked and had fun.

Little girl at the computer running Zoom Book Club.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

To sum it all up, yes, it took a little work on the front end getting things organized, but the rest of the year should flow pretty effortlessly. No driving, no arts & crafts, no treats. Simple sauce. (We all need a little simple every now and then.)

If you have a little bookworm, you might consider organizing a Zoom Book Club!

I am always here if you have any questions!

Jamie Bills